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bioingenium offers services and consulting in bioeconomy and support to technological innovation.

biotechnology and bioeconomy

The processes and economic activities based on the knowledge of biology and in the application of the various biotechnologies are ever more present in the developed societies and are an essential tool for sustainability, wealth creation and differentiation of modern economies.

Bioingenium provides its clients a deep know-how and the access to information on the most recent trends and applications of biotechnology in sectors as diverse as the chemical, food, agro-forestry, environmental, pulp and paper, energy and health. Further, it is the ideal partner for the study of public policies enabling the strategic biotech sector and for the suggestion of recommendations, bringing several years of experience working together with Portuguese and international governmental entities, including the European Commission, the OECD and the government of Brazil.

supporting innovation

Highly skilled human resources cooperate with Bioingenium in the innovation process, in biotechnology and other areas, including:

intellectual property
Portuguese, european or PCT patents and patent filings, as well as utility models:
- Prior art search in freely accessible databases, using not only keywords but also the codes of the International Patent Classification (usually only used by examiners).
- Patentability opinions (only carried out by examiners since it is a patentability examination).
- Drafting of patent applications.
- Follow-up of patent applications (ex. reply to notifications, transition to provisional to a regular patent application, transition from national applications to EP and/or PCT and vice-versa).
- Freedom to operate opinions.
- Support in the design of patenting strategies.
- Support in the writing of technology transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements.
- Patent training (basic, intermediate and advanced).
- Support in registering a Trademark, Copyright and Design of inventions (when applicable).
- Translation of patent or technical documents. We work with the various combinations of the portuguese, english and french languages, but the language range can be expanded through our partners (

projects of technological innovation
- Support in planning and managing R&D and innovation projects funded by Portuguese (QREN, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Agência de Inovação, etc) and European (FP7) entities, backed by the experience of writing several winner applications and by acting as project evaluator and reviewer for international funding bodies.
- Support in the writing of business plans, particularly in the area of the bioeconomy.
- Assessment of the business potential of scientific
projects and investment projects in that same area.
- Support to the valorization of technologies.

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